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energyfolks wordpress plugin

energyfolks has created a wordpress plugin that can be used to bring energyfolks functionality to a wordpress powered website. This is the recommended way to setup a fully functioning website with energyfolks content.

The wordpress plugin provides the following features:

  • Integratio of energyfolks options into the wordpress dashboard
  • Integration of energyfolks user accounts, allowing wordpress access rights to be granted directly through energyfolks
  • Improved administrator bar on all your pages, allowing you to simultaneously add/edit/delete page content and energyfolks content
  • Integration of energyfolks comment engine to allow your users to comment on posts from across the network
  • Blog integration, allowing your blog posts from wordpress to be broadcast across the energyfolks network
  • Integration of energyfolks content through a series of easy to use 'shortcodes' on your pages
  • Automatic updates, so that plugin updates are automatically pushed to your site


This plugin is only available for energyfolks affiliate networks. To use the plugin, you need to be an administrator of an energyfolks group. To get your group setup and administrator rights, email us.


Installation of the wordpress plugin is straightforward. To install:

  1. Ensure you have a working installation of wordpress on your server (see wordpress installation instructions for more information)
  2. Download the energyfolks wordpress plugin at
  3. From your wordpress dashboard (http://your-site/wp-admin), click the 'plugins' link in the left-hand navigation bar, then select 'add new'.
  4. Click the small link at the top of this page that says Upload.
  5. Upload the zip file you downloaded in step 2, then click 'install plugin'. After installation, click 'activate plugin' and then synchronize your installation with wordpress servers using the link that will appear at the top of your page.
  6. Cache Plugins: The EnergyFolks plugin is not compatible with 'cache' plugins. If you use a cache plugin, it may cause your page to continuously refresh for some users. We strongly recommend disabling all cache plugins while using the EnergyFolks system.


After installation, you can adjust your energyfolks settings at anytime from the 'energyfolks' option that will appear in the left hand sidebar. Make sure to keep your URLs up to date so that energyfolks knows where to send users when they want to access your site.


You can utlize shortcodes on your wordpress pages to incorporate energyfolks content. A shortcode is enclosed in square brackets and can have optional parameters included.

For example, the shortcode energyfolks with options source and restricttoaffiliate can be inserted directly into your page content by:
[energyfolks source='events' restricttoaffiliate=1]

Shortcode Parameters Description
energyfolks source*
Creates an energyfolks view on your page.
source is required and must be one of the following:
  • events: Events Calendar
  • jobs: The jobs database
  • users: the membership database (only users in your group are shown)
  • blogs: the blog database (other group submitted blogs)
  • discussions: the discussion threads
format defines the view used to display information. Allowed values are:
  • list: list view (default)
  • month: Calendar view (not valid with users)
  • map: map view (not valid with discussions)
  • stream: stream (full text) view (only with discussions and blogs)
restricttoaffiliate and restricttohighlighted will restrict the data shown to posts originating from your network (for user view, restricts to users where your group is their primary affiliation), or posts highlighted by your group administrators.

latitude, longitude, and radius can be used to restrict the view to posts with a certain distance of a point on the globe (miles). This option is automatically set based on your group settings, but can be overriden here. A radius of 0 will disable location search.

color sets the color of items in the view, and is automatically set based on your group settings, but can be overriden here.
energyfolks_sidebar Creates the energyfolks filter bar on your page. Can be used instead of the filter bar widget provided by the plugin. If not used, the filter bar is loaded at the top of the view.
energyfolks_loginbox Will display a login box for a user, or if already logged in, show user information (name, picture, logout link)
energyfolks_smallloginbox Same as energyfolks_loginbox, but the box is smaller.
energyfolks_loginlinks Shows a link to login or get account. If logged in, will show link to update profile or logout.
energyfolks_first_name Output user first name, if logged in
energyfolks_last_name Output user last name, if logged in
energyfolks_full_name Output user full name, if logged in
energyfolks_company Output user company, if logged in
energyfolks_position Output user position, if logged in
energyfolks_picture width height style class Output user profile picture. Use optional inputs width, height, style and class to control attributes.
energyfolks_logged_in restricttoaffiliate Used with a closing tag, all content between the two tags will only be shown if the user is logged in. If 'restricttoaffiliate' is set to '1' (default), then content is only shown to logged in members who are members of your group. Otherwise, content is shown to any logged in user. For example:
[energyfolks_logged_in]THIS TEXT IS ONLY SHOWN WHEN LOGGED IN AND A MEMBER OF YOUR GROUP![/energyfolks_logged_in]

Note: Nested shortcodes are [energyfolks_logged_in]Welcome [energyfolks_full_name]![/energyfolks_logged_in] will work fine.
energyfolks_logged_out Used with a closing tag, all content between the two tags will only be shown if the user is NOT logged in. If 'restricttoaffiliate' is set to '1' (default), then content is shown to logged in members who are not members of your group, and logged out users. Otherwise, content is shown to only logged out users. For example:
[energyfolks_logged_out]THIS TEXT IS ONLY SHOWN WHEN LOGGED OUT OR NOT A MEMBER OF YOUR GROUP![/energyfolks_logged_out]

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